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Review: Thunderbolts 20.Now

Written by Charles Soule
Art by Carlo Barberi

ImageThis issue marks a jumping on point for the All-New Marvel Now campaign while continuing the storyline set up with issue one of this latest volume. General Ross (aka Rulk) has his ragtag group of antiheroes and has promised them help with their problems as long as they help him with his. I haven’t read this series since Daniel Way handed the series off to Charles Soule, so I am reviewing this as someone who is slightly aware, but as a new reader.

Image Charles Soule does a fantastic job with this script. He shows he is at great ease with a team-book and making sure that each character’s voice and personality shine through correctly and adequately. Obviously any book where Deadpool is written well he can easily steal the show, but Soule does a great job of making sure that each character is given their piece of the spot-light without making it feel forced. Soule also uses the natural progression of the story-arc to add Johnny Blaze to the mix of the team without it feeling forced. All-in-all this is an extremely humorous script and is an enjoyable read. Another writer could have easily made this feel like a throw away issue that was forgettable. Soule is able to quickly make me want to go back and read his run on this series so far and then continue with what he has planned. This series has become my brand new series to pick up each month.


Carlo Barberi is a talented artist. His work on Daniel Way’s Deadpool series was always some of my favorite, and while I’m not a huge fan of the way he chooses to draw the Punisher, the rest of the group and even the backgrounds are expertly drawn. One nice small touch is the addition of small background pieces that reference old storylines after General Ross mentions something about alien relics. The Mark I and the Beyonder’s jumpsuit are the obvious entries. Barberi continues to show he is a talented artist even if he isn’t one of the bigger names at Marvel.


I have to recommend this book if you are interested in any of these characters. All aspects of this book bring a humorous and fun addition to each of these characters’ continuity. And as long are you are not a stickler for everything being serious you may find a new series to pick up as well. Basically this is a very fun read.


Rating: 4 out of 5

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