Review: Superior Spider-Man 19

Written by Dan Slott
Art by Ryan Stegman

Image*Warning Slight Spoilers Ahead*
Completely undue of anything on Slott’s or Stegman’s  part, even with all the fury and energy and fast paced fun that makes this a great superhero comics, this issue has a worse rating than it should. That is due to the marketing on this book which is causing this issue to have a lower grading than it probably deserves. Ever since about Amazing Spider-Man 690 (maybe a few before) Dan Slott’s run has been hyped that each issue is Earth shattering and will have a huge effect on the Marvel Universe. This is coming from the same department that also hyped up Age of Ultron which was also a well written series, but hyped beyond belief. Look, whoever is in charge of this stuff, we all know that Slott is a great writer and has an ability to tell fantastic stories about a character we should technically all hate, but somehow we don’t. And he tells these stories with great energy and passion thanks in no small part to Ryan Stegman who appears to have started channeling Todd MacFarlane from his heyday. All-in-all this is a fantastic book which I could enjoy much more without the promise of HUGE change in every issue, which I just don’t feel it delivers. I mean, after issue 700, you can do fun stuff, but nothing is going to live up to that. Even with bringing Spider-Man 2099 into the 616 continuity, you still cannot top issue 700. So just stop trying to sell this to us like it’s a flu shot we don’t want. We know we’re going to like and you have us hooked. Stop with the hype machine.


And that’s really it. The writing is great and the story is good too even with Deus Ex Machina used to save Spidey (They happen to have a machine that just happens to fix everything?). The issue is predominately exposition with not much action at all, but Slott is able to keep a steady and fast pace which still makes this a fun and exciting read. And the art is only getting better. Ryan Stegman is on track to become the next great artist on call at Marvel. His art is gorgeous in this issue.


Now, here is a little talking point for anyone who has read this issue: As Superior Spider-Man tries to unlock Peter’s past memories; there is a sequence of four panels where a shadowy figure seems to emerge from being buried underground. Apart from Miguel being now in continuity, this may be the most exciting thing about this issue. I’ll let you draw your own conclusion…


Rating 3.5 out of 5

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