Review: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man 01 (of 05)

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Marco Rudy


There are two important things to realize about this issue. First, this is a Peter Parker issue, I would assume in continuity prior to Doc Ock’s possession. Second, if comics could be graded in terms of video game difficulty, with, say, Romita Jr being a normal, this is an expert level comic.

Marco Rudy’s art is exquisite. It runs the gamut of styles but still feels like a cohesive piece from start to finish. His lack of standard paneling or sequential story telling makes this not a comic for new comers to the world of comic books as I said above. This is a book for lovers of art that pushes the boundaries of how stories can be told visually. Due to this lack of standard paneling each page feels like a splash page, but are so busy they feel like art work at a museum worth your eye’s dedication and focus to soak in barrage of energy and emotion coming off every masterpiece. Fans of traditional and realistic art may not enjoy this issue at all, but those who are up for an indie Spider-Man experience this comic will be a visual feast. And although I usually don’t mention colorists unless they do a poor job, Val Staples does a gorgeous job with Marco’s impossible artwork.

With all of that said, Matt Kindt has to be given credit for developing and writing a story not only with freedom to tell with abstract art, but also to have a story and theme that completely work with the art. Any other story with this art may wind up being a jumbled mess of conflicting ideas, but this is the perfect tale for Marco’s art.

Matt Kindt was a writer I knew nothing about a month ago, but with his work on DC’s Villain Month, Infinity: The Hunt, and now this series it is becoming obvious the Matt is an incredibly diverse writer. He has a simplistic approach with The Hunt which is completely done away with in this story’s often abstract and frenetic pace and plot. I’m not sure if he will become another Warren Ellis or Zeb Wells, but as of right now I’m excited and look forward to what else Matt Kindt is going to bring to comics.

One warning for this comic: beyond it being a challenging read, it is also not a comic made for portable devices. I highly and strongly recommend you picking up a physical copy of this comic. I’ve read it both ways, and due to the abstract nature of the story telling the full pages in your hand make this a much more enjoyable read.


Rating: 5 out of 5

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One thought on “Review: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man 01 (of 05)

  1. David Hruska says:

    I loved this book, love the idea (Spider-man on drugs) and I can’t wait to see more of this style of artwork. This is probably the most inventive book Marvel has no the shelves right now.

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