Uncanny X-Men #9

Uncanny X-Men #9

Uncanny X-Men #9

Let’s discuss Brian Michael Bendis on Uncanny X-Men for a second.

I’ve heard some rumbles and grumbles about this book and how it’s not as good as All-New X-Men.  But…guys…It’s for a totally different audience!

Go back with me–take a step back.  Imagine you’re in your easy chair.  Imagine you’re reading about your favorite characters.  Now imagine you realize that you’ve been reading the same story for about 10 years now!

You open your eyes just that tad bit wider and you say, “My goodness!  I mean, I love these characters as much as the next guy, but COME ON!  When will this story end?”

If that’s you, then I bet you are enjoying the heck out of All-New X-Men.  “Wow, what a breath of fresh air.  What is Mystique up to?  Do you think this story thread will carry over to the next arc?”  What Bendis did for the Avengers titles, he is now doing to a favorite mutant near you!

But let’s assume for a minute that you don’t share these feelings.  That the above description doesn’t fit you to a tee.  You have more of the opinion that, doggone it, you’ve been reading about Scott and Emma for 10 years now and we are FINALLY seeing him become the leader he should have been all along.  FINALLY this character is interesting.  FINALLY he is stepping into the new Magneto role.

If this is more your style, more your way of doing things, then Uncanny X-Men is for you!  If you love being steeped in current continuity and seeing how Bendis plays out all his predecessor’s hints and clues (Brubaker, Fraction, Gillen, Aaron), then this book is one of the most exciting books on the shelf right now for you!

If you are not an X-Men guy or gal, but you liked what Bendis has done with the Avengers…give it a chance!  If you are a All-New classic team fan, keep tabs on Cyke’s Uncanny team.  The possibilities are endless of what Marvel will let Bendis do!

Pick up the digital codes to the back issues on at Comic Codes and get caught up today!

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