Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1

We all know that Yost is a fantastic writer.  And we all know that Avenging Spider-Man was intended to be a sales boost for Marvel books in general (because of the Avengers movie that just came out at the time of its first issue).  But will changing the name of Avenging Spider-Man to Superior Spider-Man Team-Up really have any affect on the book, its sales, or its readership?

Only time will tell.
But what this one lone voice crying in the wilderness thinks is that it’s just one step closer to Slott’s ultimate goal.  What is that, you ask?
I have no idea!
To ruin the character of Spider-Man forever?  Not sure.
(I just heard gasps!)  Of course I’m being hyperbolic.  Stated objectively, Slott’s iconic run on Spider-Man has, suffice it to say, has not been “my thing.”  But it has been well-received as well as a fairly consistent high-selling title.
Still, getting back to the issue at hand, Yost’s contribution to the the Superior mythos as it were as been nothing short of a breath  of fresh air.  Although it could be argued that the lack of character depth in the primary Spidey title is a byproduct of Slott’s effort to have the title move along the main story-arc, Superior Spider-Man definitely necessitates a backup series.  This is where Yost shines.  His exploration Spider-Ock’s secondary exploits and mis-interatctions should remain unchanged as Avenging conforms to the “Superior” range of titles.
The book will still showcase different characters and how the Parkerless Spidey deals with the lesser intellect of his contemporaries; however, I think the main difference this title sees will be the shift of focus from villain interaction to hero interaction.  Superior Spider-Man will now show his superiority to his fellow heroes instead of his lesser-known villains.
My reaction to this?  I’m not sure I like it.
It won’t decrease my enjoyment of Yost’s writing at all.  Yet, I feel that this change does maintain and even deepen the characters progression away from the Spider-Man I love.  We will be playing more in Slott’s sandbox instead of all the writers that have tackled our favorite web-slinger before the Big Time era.
What do you think?  Is the title change a big deal?  Will it make a difference as far as the stories are concerned?  Will Yost have to sacrifice his story ideas for Spidey to reenforce Slott’s journey?
Let me know!
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